Artistic Journey

Vilnius. Budapest. London | 1956-2017

Paintings of Lithuanian artist Arvydas Uziela are marked with intense brushstrokes, bold and vivid colour schemes, and vibrating light. The combination of these means produces a flow of sensual landscapes, unidentified prototypes, and spiritual visions.

Deeply rooted Lithuanian heritage flourishes in canvases. Artist captures a vivid vibration of bent grass shivering in the wind, reflections on muddy water ripples, sun dried dunes, crane flocks dissecting sea coast, and a boat smoothly pounding the waves. Common close-ups and loss of horizon line originates intimate spaces inviting spectator to immerse into them. Uziela’s envisioned nature is always ambient, alluring and radiating timeless energy.

The vivacious side of the artist emerges from his later works depicting envisioned prototypes. It is as if a magical factory has exploded and dispersed strangest spirals, undiscovered ripe plants, unidentified bubbles, and never produced but in some strange way very familiar fairy tale characters. The later fascinate with their urge to hide from public eyes. Reminding the mythological sprites they dwell in high grass and curiously peek around. The ultimate claim is never laid, but one can hardly escape the references to significance of games in daily life.

There are also several works where mathematical coding of spiritual metaphors is prevalent. One finds two hills opening a valley full of meaning in between, an egg surrounded by influential field, an all-seeing eye arranging figures instead of eyelashes, and so on. The vastness of meanings is opened up and displayed for personal dwelling upon them.

Uziela’s oeuvre encompasses national foundation, urban dynamics, opulent nature and bold artistic visions.

Raminta Bumbulyte