Artistic Journey

Vilnius. Budapest. London | 1956-2017





Vilnius (1956-1998)

The contemporary Lithuanian artist was born and grew up in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. After finishing a secondary school specializing in mathematics, he studied applied mathematics at Vilnius University. Next to facts and figures he was interested in arts and believed it to be his life hobby. With time his multi-sided attraction to arts grew and he switched to study architecture at Vilnius Technical University and later at Vilnius College of Construction. It was not until the 1980s that he became convinced of his inevitable passion for fine arts. Arvydas Uziela tried his hand at stained glass, graphics, watercolour, and painting becoming a versatile artist. Uziela had a couple of personal and joint exhibitions in Vilnius in the 80s.

Budapest (1998-2006)

The artist left for Hungary in 1998. He lived a productive period of eight years in Budapest and held two exhibitions: one of the graphics of mixed printing techniques at the Central European University in 2003 and another of oil paintings at the Lithuanian Embassy in Budapest in 2006. This period is marked by spiritual tranquillity and joyfulness. It was the time of contemplation about himself and the world, as well as his identity in an international environment. It is the period when his attempts to release his fantasy and experiments with various techniques unexpectedly produced new and coherent cycles of prints and oil paintings.

London (2006-2017)

Arvydas Uziela has lived in London with his family since 2006. He made his first breakthrough into the British art scene with a personal exhibition at the Jersey Gallery at Osterley House in 2008. Later folowwed two exhibitions at Landmark Arts Centre in 2010. How British environment, particularly his growing interest in nature and gardening, influences artistic expression, remains to be unfolded.

Quite a number of works have found their way to private collections abroad: in the U.S., Canada, Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary, Spain, the Baltic countries, and the UK.

A. Uziela died in July 2017 in London.